Discover Calabria

Calabria with a thousand faces and a thousand cultures: A peninsula kissed by the sun and narrow in the embrace of its eight hundred kilometers of coastline washed by the two seas. Enchanting and suggestive with its imposing massifs of the Sila, Pollino, Serre, Aspromonte which form the National Park of Calabria. Shady and karst, it leaves gently encircled by suggestive ancient woods crossed by amazing rivers.

The Greeks were the first to colonize it and to experience the charm of this land. A territory that contains Mari e Monti, where once Sibari, Locri and Crotone have lived the splendor of Magna Graecia.

From the history of an indelible past the unparalleled beauty of the Calabrian world is handed down, a marvel that is unique to admire.

Calabria enogastronomic: The year of the culinary discovery is just 2018 because of the initiatives promoted by the Calabria region also abroad and, in particular, in the United States, after the New York Times, thanks to food, had included this wonderful region among the 52 stages to visit in the world. And it would not be surprising if the Americans decided to spend their holidays right here, after having become fond of the ‘nduja, the very soft salami produced especially in Spilinga, the artisan pasta, such as the stifling and the rows, prepared by hand as usual, to the bergamot that , with its beneficial qualities, grows only in the southern part of Calabria and extra virgin olive oil, a cult condiment of the Mediterranean diet. Tasting enthusiasts who travel in search of simple and genuine flavors could represent the ideal tourist target for a large and differentiated region.

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