The Albergo Diffuso EcoBelmonte is an authentic place located right in the historic center of the homonymous village of Belmonte Calabro on the Tyrrhenian coast in the province of Cosenza.
A unique place, fascinating, ideal for spending holidays in Calabria.
The apartments of the widespread hotel, totally refurbished using environmentally friendly and eco-friendly materials, are located in the lanes that characterize the village. The colors, the smells and the scents of this magical place in Calabria will make you live a distant holiday in contact with the culture of the place.

Green hills, rugged mountains and beautiful forests still intact, rivers and streams that draw curious morphologies, suggestive sunsets on dream beaches, and then sea, sea, sea … That’s right, this is the beautiful landscape of Calabria, the smallest south of Italy; an ancient territory for its history and for the rich traditions that animate its small and big countries. In one of these villages, Belmonte Calabro, on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the province of Cosenza, time seems to have stopped: a real treasure chest full of historical cultural and enogastronomic treasures produced by a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. The typically medieval structure of Belmonte Calabro offers the inhabitants and visitors charming corners, with houses leaning against each other, which flank streets (the famous vicos) narrow and winding, stately homes that open onto small squares, and characteristic Arabic arches, hanging gardens and steep stairways that draw a particular architectural game.

The diffused hotel EcoBelmonte of Belmonte Calabro (the village, of solid medieval structure, still preserves the signs of the many civilizations that have contaminated it: Greeks, Arabs, Bruzi, Spaniards, French …), in the province of Cosenza, and made up today from 14 fully furnished and autonomous houses (44 beds) restored by entrusting the works (many of the houses were uninhabited for decades and decades) to expert local artisans, who have used typical materials, maintaining the original features of the interiors of the Calabrian houses and in the same time following the indications of the most current bio-architecture and bio-building. The widespread hotel is a philosophy, a model of new hospitality, which through the recovery of old abandoned or unused houses, promotes the development of tourism in the area without imposing new construction and proposing, rather than a simple living room, a real style of life; it is also the “through” that allows the curious tourist the point of support from which to leave to discover itineraries, often little beaten, aimed at the knowledge of art and culture as well as the richness of suggestive landscapes made of nature, popular beliefs, religious suggestions, vestiges of the most remote past.

Belmonte Calabro is located in the center, on the Tyrrhenian Sea, of the mythical Calabria region a few kilometers from the International Airport of Lamezia Terme and a convenient starting point to visit the entire region to discover the natural treasures of the Sila, Pollino and the national parks. Aspromonte; to discover the mysteries of the important e
numerous archaeological sites in the area (in Calabria there is the richest archaeological heritage in Europe); discovering the mysticism of the fascinating religious itineraries traced by the life of the patron saint of Calabria and of the seafarers San Francesco di Paola; to the discovery of the archaic and unique traditions of the many villages with Albanian, Occitan and Greek tradition; discovering the marvelous statues of the BRONZI DI RIACE; discovering a wonderful region full of … MYSTERIES!


The “Casette”:

A Cava n. 3 beds (1 bedroom):
Composition: The cottage consists of an entrance with kitchen (retractable), a storage room made entirely in the rock, a bathroom and a comfortable bedroom (a double bed or 3 single beds) overlooking the charming square San Francesco the true heart of the widespread hotel.

Description: The entrance to windowsill anticipated by some steps is the peculiarity of this accommodation that represents with its many colors and architectural games, typical of the singularity of the house, a particularly welcoming and typical of the houses that once hosted in this part of the historic center the poorest and most numerous families of the village.


A Tingia n. 2 beds (1 bedroom) + 3 extra
Composition: cozy entrance-living room with a coffer, a large living room kitchen with a particular fireplace raised that a ladder connects to the bedroom with bathroom.
If necessary: in the living room-kitchen you can open the sofa bed of 1.40m in two places and in the bedroom
from bed you can include an individual bed or a cot at camp (cradle) for children under 2 years.

Description: This was the house of the spinning mill “du diestru” (the area of the historical center completely exposed to sunlight) in this little house, certainly not very big, in turn and uninterruptedly, the women of the neighborhood made precious fabrics to be used both in broom that in the most renowned silk yarn. The subdivision of the house still leads back to that distant period with an entrance where the old frame was placed with a crevice that served as a frugal bathroom.


I Fosse n. 2 beds (1 bedroom) + 1 extra
Composition: kitchen room built entirely in the rock with a wood / iron staircase leading into the cozy bedroom with balcony overlooking the valley, small terrace with table, and bathroom.
If necessary you can include an individual bed or a camping bed (cot) for children under 2 years old.

Description: This little house offers a suggestive path of arrival in a very narrow stairway. Here you can see the view of the valley and on the sides of the particular stone road the door of this accommodation … once the house seems to have been inhabited by a family of 12 members.


I Chiani n. 2 beds (1 bedroom)
Composition: kitchen-living room and balcony overlooking the alleys, bathroom and a bedroom with double bed and balcony overlooking the sea. The house is on two levels with a typical staircase set in a tree trunk.

Description: Small and welcoming it can represent the beautiful nest of love for a couple in search of intimacy and passionate pursuit of ecstasy … its balcony (very particular with its walls delimiting in bricks that realize a typical design of exotic places beyond of the Mediterranean) was the place where a poor but beautiful girl tried to cultivate her obstructed love.


I Gastili n. 2 beds (1 bedroom)
Composition: It is situated on two levels with a nice small kitchen, a bedroom (double bed) with a balcony overlooking the valley and a bathroom.

Description: The two different entrance doors to the house, both reachable by very narrow stairways (one of them completely on the rock) seems in the past, think of the end of the 800, when the animals were already admitted in the room that gave on connection way, to ensure safe return to the bedroom of everyone, including children.


Palummielli n. 4 beds (2 bedrooms) + 1 extra
Composition: entrance with a small corridor announcing the kitchen with fireplace and bathroom and the large terrace with amazing sea views and delightfully transformed into a place of total relaxation. The upper floor houses two bedrooms (one with a double bed and the other with two single beds) and the bathroom.
If necessary, the second bedroom can be composed of a bunk bed and a single bed or a single bed and a camping cot (cot) for children under 2 years old.

Description: After parking your vehicle in the square in front of the ancient baronial palace DEL GIUDICE flanked by the particular cobbled climb (all called silica, where the local men, almost all fishermen, in the days or hours not useful “to throwing “their boats in the sea, they stopped and idled, sitting or in the classic position
crouched) just slip into the narrow vault and walk more or less a hundred meters and a few dozen steps to find a peculiar door with three steps: this is the house called I PALUMMIELLI (which takes its name from the village furthest from the center of the village) restructured with a maniacal care of the details in the absolute respect of his


I Vuda n. 5 beds (2 bedrooms)
Composition: comfortable and spacious living room with balcony overlooking the splendid Tyrrhenian Sea, kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom with 3 single beds that communicates with a beautiful wooden staircase to the main room with double bed and balcony overlooking the sea and the vichi . If necessary you can add a camping cot (cradle) for children under the age of 2

Description: When a few decades ago a young German woman came to Belmonte, and struck by the beauty and peace of the place decided to buy a cottage to be restored much was the surprise of the elderly inhabitants of the ancient village not used yet to this type of “novelty” . The young Brigitte has immediately made herself loved by everyone and integrated in haste has slowly restructured her house making it welcoming and different mixing wisely tastes and memories of her many travels. That little house now that Brigitte has decided to live for some years in other places has taken the name of the Belmontese village of Vuda.



S. Varvara n. 3 beds (1 bedroom) + 1 extra
Composition: small entrance and a beautiful kitchen-living room with a particular fireplace, stone stairs that communicate with the bedroom (one double and one single bed or three single beds) and bathroom. Very comfortable and charming garden with olive tree, table and bench. If necessary you can include an individual bed or a camping bed (cot) for children under 2 years old.

Description: Pretty little house, in the quiet of the village with a wide panoramic view of the valley, selected by the ITERVITIS International Association as a stage of an interesting cultural itinerary approved and promoted by the Council of Europe.


U Canalu n. 2 beds (1 bedroom) + 1 extra
Composition: Characteristic kitchen with one of the wall against the rock, bedroom with large balcony overlooking the extraordinary Tyrrhenian Sea and independent and pretty garden with a view of the Vicos and Tyrrhenian Sea. If necessary you can include an individual bed or a camping bed (cot) for children under 2 years old.

Description: When more than a century ago this characteristic house became, with the help of the grandmother of the maiden, the alcove of two young lovers who escaped the wrath of their families who did not want to become a couple for all became the home of the newlyweds. Even today, in fact in memory of the beauty and strength of pure feelings, it is used
as a love nest for young couples of newlyweds who wish to experience their wedding night where every single stone is imbued with feeling and purity.



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Belmonte Calabro

Belmonte CalabroBelmonte Calabro, is an Italian town of 1,986 inhabitants, in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria. The village, four kilometers inland in a panoramic position on a hill overlooking a vast stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea, was founded by the Angevins in the second half of the thirteenth century. The fiefdom was ruled by the

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