The ideal place for those who want to fortify the spirit and the body, rediscovering the tastes of the past traditions, surrounded by pure nature. La Locanda del Parco offers large and comfortable rooms and suites. All with private bathroom,they are tastefully decorated, respecting the ancient rural tradition. The dependences, however, obtained from the homes of peasants, have been carefully restored and equipped with kitchenette and immersed in the countryside with a beautiful view over the Pollino chain.

La Locanda del Parco is the ideal destination for a stay full of relax, adventure and culture. Located in the heart of the Pollino National Park, La Locanda del Parco is the ideal place for those who wish to rest their body and spirit. Among uncontaminated mountains and seas it is possible to taste the charme of pure and authentic nature, rich in tradition. Accompanied by expert guides you can visit the beautiful natural scenery, characterized by a varied fauna consisting of wolves, deer, otters, wild boars and golden eagles.
The flora is enriched by Loricate pines, black pines, silver firs,oaks and beeches. The synergistic agricultural activities include the cultivation of olive trees, sowing seeds, vegetables, fruits and berries. We breed sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. The farm has always paid attention to environmental policies and has a modern photovoltaic system that allows a saving of about 20,000 kg per year of carbon dioxide emissions. With some antique recipes and local medicinal herbs we made delicious liqueurs. We pay attention also to the external context, characterized by local species of trees and flowers overlooking the magnificent scenery of the pollino massif mountain chain.

Swimming pool

La Locanda del Parco is equipped with a large and comfortable swimming pool that looks like a mountain lake. Among the rocks, a large waterfall and an hydromassage offer a total relaxation in the green countryside of Calabria.


La Locanda del Parco, thanks to the high hospitality and friendliness, is an ideal destination to feel the flavors and rediscover the taste of the old rural tradition. Dishes are prepared with fresh products, organically grown. The pantry is full of fresh and processed products, packaged in an original way.
According to ancient recipes, with herbs, we obtain some exquisite liquors. The guests of La Locanda can also buy these products, in order to taste at home the delicacies discovered on the spot. 
The excellent dishes are always associated with excellent local DOC wines. The winery of La Locanda del Parco is very equipped and collects the whole regional panorama of quality wine production. The various wines offer to the guest a wide choice of wine types. A permanent workshop of food education and food culture, allows the spread of the “Mediterranean Diet” taking into account the use of foods according to the food pyramid of Ancel Key.

B&B Vigna della Signora

Not far from La Locanda del Parco there is the B&B Vigna della Signora, the ideal place to be in the heart of Morano Calabro, located in the historical center in a magnificent and fascinating historical building. The B&B Vigna della Signora is the ideal place to be in the heart of Morano Calabro, it is located in the historical center, in a magnificent and fascinating historical building. The B&B is located in a beautiful landscape, thirty minutes from the sea, twenty minutes from the mountain, in the Pollino National Park, easily accessible thanks to its proximity with the highway SA-RC (exit Morano Calabro). The property is located just 200 meters from the main square and a few minutes walk from the most important architectural works of the village. The B&B offers three different types of rooms with customized service, specially designed for all types of stay.
The warmth and the homely atmosphere will welcome the customer from the first moment and the efficient and professional team will take care of the stay in the B&B in every single detail. The B&B Vigna della Signora combines kindness and professionalism with an excellent quality / price ratio.


  • Pool
  • Restaurant


Health Trail

Outdoor training:

  • Resistance: Ascent – Descent, Jumping, Slalom, Fitness
  • Mobility – Agility: Muscle toning, Breathing, Balance, Walk, Jump, Stretching
  • Strength: Jump, Push-up, Athletics, Rings


La locanda del Parco is also a place of learning. Through workshops offered by the Educational Farm, adults and children can learn to recognize plants, to produce bread, to appreciate the ancient crafts, to identify the constellations in the sky and to work the clay.

  • From seed to bread: The workshop traces the bread production, from the farm to the table, teaching to handle the manual work and to exercise patience, respecting the rhythms of nature.
  • Officinal plants: The area of the farm is characterized by a high biodiversity of officinal plants, that produces spices and exquisite herbal teas. In our farm, moreover, a botany scientific study has been recently made by the University of Calabria.
  • From the vegetable garden to the plate: During the whole year in our farm local housewives take personalized courses of cuisine, based on the study model of Ancel Keys, the discoverer of the Mediterranean cuisine.
  • From mulberry to silk: During June and July La Locanda del Parco organizes specific courses to introduce the life of the silkworm and to make people appreciate the precious quality of silk.
  • Astronomy: The astronomical laboratory allows to admire and identify the constellations, through a telescope immersed in the picturesque setting of the Locanda’s garden.
  • Ancient crafts In the holiday farm you can experience the ancient crafts with a collection of tools and utensils belonging to old craftsmen.
  • Clay processing: La Locanda retraces the whole processing cycle of the clay, we organize workshops to give form to the matter that then the fire will transform in ceramic.

Morano Calabro

Morano CalabroThe toponym Muranum appears for the first time in a milestone of the II century BC, but if the Roman origins of this Regio-Capuam station are clear, the etymology is uncertain: some think of the mulberry trees of which the territory abounded, who to the Greek word méruma, that is “cumulus”, because the buildings seem

Sports & nature

Horseback riding in agritourism farms, horse riding, mountain biking and trekking on the Pollino, starting from the Campotenese plateau at 1100 m. The territory also produces excellent olive oil and other exquisite flavors of Calabria. The village of Morano falls within the protected area of the Pollino National Park (about 40 thousand hectares) and is therefore subject to landscape and environmental restrictions. From this, which is the highest mountain in the South, on the most beautiful days you can see the three seas, Adriatico, Jonio and Tirreno. The Pollino countries, especially the most perched, are mostly of arbëresh, Albanian ethnic group. On the highest and stony slopes of the mountain resists the loricato pine, symbol of the Park, further down there are magnificent beech woods. All the surroundings of Morano lend themselves to beautiful excursions. A Park Visitor Center has recently been opened in a wing of the San Bernardino monastery.  

Lavender Park Perfumes & Magic Of Pollino

Organic Farm Campotenese of Morano Calabro Let's discover together Parco della Lavanda, the Provence of southern Italy. Best flowering period from June 30th to August 5th. True lavender (L. Angustifolia). it is a plant that grows spontaneously in the whole area of the Pollino National Park, at altitudes between 900 and 1300 meters above sea level, particularly common in the Campotenese area. From a research carried out among the local elders, it emerged that until the middle of the last century, the harvest of spontaneous lavender was a source of income for the local populations. In particular, the districts 'Colice' and the 'estate of the princess' up to the district 'Campiglione', the district 'Barbalonga' up to 'Campizzo' were particularly rich in lavender. Here it was collected with the scythe and taken to a fountain near the district 'Laccata' where in part it was 'cooked' (distilled) and partly sold directly to the pharmaceutical industry Carlo Erba of Genoa. Following the reforestation works, done in the years 50/60, a large part has disappeared and today the specimens present are in insignificant quantities. Hence the idea of ​​cultivating this spontaneous variety in the open. Having established that it is a quality product, this plant has been given a name "Loricanda", so we can think of going further, looking for the possible outlets and undertaking the consequent initiatives. The idea and the company "Parco della lavanda" were born, as a model of reproducible development, to cultivate lavender to protect the territory. The company aims to spread the cultivation of lavender to redevelop mountain or marginal rural environments where environmental degradation and abandonment loom, where conventional agriculture is not profitable or is in competition with wildlife. The agricultural project Parco della Lavanda has been chosen with the primary objective of protecting the territory, convinced to bring development and arouse interest. Lavender agriculture is sustainable only if organic. Since the lavender has antiseptic properties, in the mountains it is particularly free from pests and does not require interventions with pesticides. The social and cultural aspect must also be considered a priority. La vitalità dei piccoli centri e delle zone marginali è legata alle attività economiche fiorenti in loco. Trasformare il prodotto agricolo Lavanda, è un po’ più che un’attività di nicchia, centinaia sono i prodotti trasformati della Lavanda: cosmetici, alimentari, erboristici e ornamentali. Le lavorazioni sono adatte all’imprenditorialità e al lavoro femminile, e offrono una buona integrazione al reddito agricolo.

The Garden of Lavenders

The attempt to spread the knowledge of this plant as much as possible, has given rise to the need to create within the company the Lavender Park., A thematic garden with the main purpose of enhancing "the cultural, recreational and teaching ... ". It was conceived thinking of a sort of "botanical garden" where to see, observe, learn to distinguish the various types of lavender combined with each other based on development and color. To give priority to the didactic aspect, the company also offers the possibility to learn: 1) The technique with direct experience, reproduction of plants by cuttings and planting of the same; 2) Drying, processing and use of flowers; 3) The steam distillation technique which transforms the fresh flower into "essential oil" by means of a didactic distiller; 4) Information on how and why lavender oil is used; 5) The soap-making technique (cold soap production) with the addition of lavender oil, also through direct experience. 6) Creation of scented chalks; 7) Creation of scented candles.

History & Cutlure

The Nibbio: private natural museum, documents the flora and fauna of Mount Pollino through the reconstruction of environments; it is hosted in the Pollino Naturalist Study Center, near the castle.

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