Nocera Terinese

Nocera Terinese

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Nocera Terinese is an Italian municipality of 4 788 inhabitants [1] of the province of Catanzaro in Calabria.

It is the last municipality of the province on the Tyrrhenian Sea in a northern direction placed at the border with the province of Cosenza. It borders with Amantea, Cleto, San Mango d’Aquino, Martirano Lombardo, Falerna and Lamezia Terme.

Archaeological sites
In the territory of the current Nocera Terinese there is the site of the magnogreca town of Terina, located on the Piano della Tirena, a coastal massif lapped at its base of the courses of the Savuto and Grande rivers, which unite just before the sea. The Lenormant in his trip to Calabria was sure not to attribute to the Piano della Tirena the location of the site of Terina, as the Plan was shown by one of the surrounding hills, most likely the Piano di Stia. The French scholar, recalling Strabo’s reference to two rivers that lapped the plan before joining, had in fact not been able to observe the course of the two rivers that actually exist. There is still an open debate on the location of Terina, from some placed in the territory of Lamezia Terme because of the rediscovered coinage.

Religious architecture
Church of St. John the Baptist: from a simple chapel around 1300, over the centuries, assumed its current form after the earthquake of 1783 and the works ended in 1828, the year in which it was completed the beautiful and superb dome, overlooking the presbytery rises 32 meters from the ground, made by expert carpenters who came to Nocera from nearby S. Lucido. Some canvases are of good quality: the last Pascaletti dinner, and the Madonna del Rosario by an unknown artist. Among the wooden statues are those of St. John the Baptist, of the Madonna del Suffragio, of S. Francesco di Paola and of S. Caterina d’Alessandria. The patron saint of San Giovanni is celebrated on June 24 and February 5 (San Giovanni d’i earthquake), as according to legend on this day the Saint preserved the town from the tragic earthquake of 1638.

Church of the Annunciation: the central altar of the Annunciation in green marble, national monument, in the niche holds the wooden statue dating back to 1600, of Our Lady of Sorrows with the dead Christ on the knees “la Pietà”, venerated by the people of Nerero, especially during the Lent and such devotion culminates in Holy Week, especially Holy Saturday with the solemn procession of Our Lady of Sorrows and of the dead Christ during which the centuries-old ritual of the “vattienti” takes place. It also houses the beautiful wooden statue of the owner, the Virgin of the Annunciation.

Church of San Martino: it is a small and austere church, built in the 15th century in the main square.

Church of San Francesco: a time of the Cenobio dei Minori Conventuali, at the top of the village the ruins of the old convent of the PP. Capuchins, once a Norman fortress.


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