Journey in the Byzantine Calabria and the Greek-Orthodous faith

“The fortunate geographical position sees Calabria at the center of the Mediterranean, which has always been a crossroads of peoples, goods and culture that stop over 800 km of coastline for commercial or colonial purposes. For this network of exchanges and intense relationships, the indigenous Enotria will become the Magna Graecia of the colonial era, following the colonization of populations of large groups coming from Greece aimed at finding and finding new living spaces from which to start and get wellbeing and fortune. A network of balances that will be turned upside down after nearly eight centuries of Greek great civilization by the Romans who will impose their power in the Mediterranean, from the third century BC. until the end of the imperial era. At that precise moment Christianity was already an official religion and Rome separated itself from Byzantium in what will be recognized as the great schism between East and West, between the Roman Catholic Apostolic religion and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchal religion. Calabria will detach itself from the central power and will therefore be annexed to the Patriarchate of Byzantium and to its direct control as the new Orthodox Eparchy and the Byzantine theme (region, dominion), the Thema of Calabria. It was one of the richest regions and at the same time one of the most culturally and artistically cared for by the Greeks of the East. ”

Organized by the Archaeologist and Licensed Guide Prof. Tommaso Scerbo,
Specialist in Archeology of Magna Graecia.